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Moving Forward On Onwards

February 29, 2016

The 12th Reapers Rugby season is starting to take shape. Last week we had our 3rd executive meeting of the year and made a very big decision. The club after talking to some of the original and current members have decided to stop any further plans for Blackfoot. Shaine Wald bleeds the Reaper Orange and was against the decision which made it more difficult to make. As a Blackfoot resident it was something I always wanted but we have missed our window. Asking for money in these economic times seems like wishful thinking and I believe we have a great at home at the Servus Sports Centre. We will move ahead and focus our attention on building within Lloydminster.


On a positive note Titanium Tubing is back as the main sponsor for the Reapers for this year and the next one. Titanium contributions not only keeps our players dues the lowest in the league but also allows the club to help support inspiring athletes. During the last meeting we voted on donating $250 towards Alayna Scramstad on her march to make Team Canada. Alayna currently is long listed for Team Canada this summer and is playing 7ís in Vancouver in March with Team Alberta. With the upcoming Olympics showcasing 7ís and the National Womenís team having a strong chance to medal it's great to see other ladies lacing up the boots. Itís safe to say the whole club is hoping Alaynaís hard work pays off.

Alayna receiving her donation from Titanium Tubing Reapers Rugby
Alayna receiving her donation from Titanium Tubing Reapers Rugby

Tonight was the first indoor training and I was happy with the Menís numbers but would love to see more people out. Unlike Alayna our window of rugby greatness has closed for the vast majority of us. We show up to visit, chat with friends and get our mind off work(if youíre lucky to have some). I would say to get away from the kids but I brought mine! Ryan and Blake played on the stage so donít use that excuse. I would also like to thank Spencer Jobís work on organizing the men thus far. If you have questions please search him out. His contact information is on the website.

Ashley Hall and team is in hot purist of the first scheduled fundraiser. Weíll be able to hopefully give a better update in a couple of weeks.

The club is in the process up locking up a fundraiser with RBC cup as well. It means some of will be helping out May long but it also means we can recoup losses from last year. Itís a great opportunity a chance to meet some folks.

If you need anything from me call or text - 587-217-3837.
Last meetings minutes are avaiable by contacting Cassidy Dueck.