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Personal Best Record: Weight Gain and Motivation

Another holiday season has come and gone and this kid could make the Pilsbury Dough Boy jealous. I am not sure of the exact date when I stopped caring as much for what I grade of fuel I put into my body but the extra weight didn't happen over night. When every time you move and it feels like your doing some weird form of oblique isolation exercise is kinda a depressing. As luck would happen this is a easy problem to fix! Don't eat crap, drink lots of water and exercise. I am probably not the best guy to take advice but sugar and chocolate are my drugs of choice and I am on step 2 of a 11 step program I guess or something like that.


Working out has never been a problem for me. My time at the Clan I was around 210-215 lbs and was labeled the fittest fastest kid. Diet wise I think excluding foods is a recipe for disaster so i am trying to do model something after slow carb diet by Tim Ferriss that fits my lifestyle. Lean meat, beans, and veggies and no white foods like sugar, pasta, rice, bread, cheese. For me, some exceptions are Little Big Bread, I am still going to mix milk in my protein and making sure I have 1 cheat day a week.

On the workout front I go Motion Fitness. The gym is bright, clean and has friendly staff or at least they let me annoy them. The bi-weekly price is 29.99 and talking to the manager he commented if we got 5 new people to join they would get deal sorted and applied for our members. My favorite classes are Spin with Brianne and Group Power with Leah and Priscilla. Brianne kicks your butt and you get a great leg workout in. Group Power is like Cross Fit but without paying $150 month or whatever the price is at Cujo. I also love the 2 Jacobs Ladders at Motion. It's one of the best cardio workouts you can get and it's full body. There is no cheating the system when you get on that thing.

jacobs ladder
Jacobs Ladder

Another great gym to check out is Muscles & More Bodybuilding and health supplements. The owner, Jo Tichkowsky is super athlete who plays rugby in the club and gives discounts to Reapers! The gym is new and offers group and personal training sessions as well. If your looking for specific rugby training just at Jo, Jo knows!

Offer from Even Star Fitness (Jennifer MacEwen). (In the old EMac/World Class Gym). Our monthly membership price is $42.00. Our drop in rate is $5.25. As a Lashburn Lucky Rugby mom I know all about the work ethic, love of the game and long hard road for players of all ages. I am extending the invitation to you and the Reapers to come check out our gym one time each on me. We are open Mon-Fri 5:30am-10:00pm and Saturday 2:00pm-8:00pm. We fully support Muscles and More in Lloydminster and as such we do not offer any sort of supplement or protein, we send everyone to Jo. Del and I believe in supporting local businesses and urge you to sway from big business and come check us out.

I am currently 230 lbs after the holiday season. Goal is 200 lbs by kickoff or forever move to the front row. Remember to ask friends to come out for the up coming and season and start training today to make game time more enjoyable.

- Dwayne Lessner, Reaper President