Reapers Rugby


From on top of the Goal Posts: Indoor and Club Update

The Reaper Winter Warm up aka Indoor at ES Larid will be starting soon. All shapes, sizes and fitness levels are welcome. We have Mondays nights secured from 7:00 pm Ė 8:30 pm starting February 29th. Itís really meant to be a fun way to get together and shake off some rust before we can go outside. Hopefully most of the time is spent with basic rules and passing because that means we have lots of new faces to teach the sport too. I would really encourage the older members to come out as its great for people thinking of joining to get a good feel for the club. Also the best part of course is silly buggers or ďtouchĒ. We are getting a great rate so please no outside shoes and try to take everything after the practice. (Donít need to be a current member to come out, itís free). Please bring a friend. I would like to have 50 guys registered this year if possible. Out of 13 games I barley played half and that just life at 34. More players give people the freedom to escape to the lake with the family every once and while so more the merrier.

Fees were set at the last Titanium Tubing Reapers executive meeting. Great news we will remain the cheapest league in the union. So itís $250 for an adult player again and reduced rates for students and juniors. Where does all of this money go? Each Senior team has to pay $875 to the Edmonton Rugby Union. Rugby Canada takes 102 dollars for insurance, registration and the Olympic & World Cup Legacy fund. Some of the left over money gets used for hosting. Fundraisers throughout the year go towards building our own club house and helping inspiring athletes, coaches and refs.

Both Club coaches are back for 2016. Roger and Jessie will hopefully go another coaching course this and make the next season even more enjoyable in practice and during games. We are still looking for someone to hit about ~6 practices with the forwards. If you can think of anyone please steer them my way!

We are looking for help for the upcoming fundraiser, please contact Ashley Hall if your able to help. Find her on facebook or give me a call at 587-217-3837.

I end with a brief video of the Seattle Seahawks using Rugby to teach proper tackling. Saftey = #1